Cyber Security

Our cyber security division is tasked with protecting your servers from any malicious attack. We provide custom cyber-security services to ensure the safety of your data and maintain your servers, even when under attack.

Our team of expert cyber-security experts specialize in preventing, detecting, stopping, and responding to cyber attacks in real time. We implement the best security protocols and keep up with the latest trends in cyber protection.

Continue reading to learn more about our endpoint detection & response services, secure internet gateway, mail protection and network security.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Cybercrime is to cost the world 10.5 Trillion dollars a year by 2025 according to this Cybercrime magazine article. It is estimated that if cybercrime damages were measured as a country, cybercrime would be the world’s third-largest economy after the U.S. and China.

Endpoint Detection & Response services are the most important defense in the effort to stop cyber attacks from penetrating your company. Endpoint Detection & Response offers you advanced threat detection services, quick & automatic response, and a powerful protection service that stops malicious content from entering your servers.

Secure Internet Gateway

Today more than ever, companies must secure their internet connection and prevent any malicious entity from entering – and any important information from leaking – through the internet gateway. Our secure internet gateway solutions provide you with a central gateway that controls data passage across remote locations and mobile users. Our secure internet gateway allows you to use fast, reliable internet without compromising on security.

Mail Protection

Did you know that 94% of malware is delivered by email? Email is used for a variety of malicious intents including business email compromise (BEC), spreading internal threats (viruses, malware etc.), and phishing attacks. In fact, phishing attacks comprise about 80% of all reported security incidents, costing businesses on average 17,700$ every minute, 

Mail is used so frequently to stage attacks for a very simple reason: email communication is the most frequently used gate in and out of the company servers.