Mail Protection

Did you know that 94% of malware is delivered by email? Email is used for a variety of malicious intents including business email compromise (BEC), spreading internal threats (viruses, malware etc.), and phishing attacks. In fact, phishing attacks comprise about 80% of all reported security incidents, costing businesses on average 17,700$ every minute, 

Mail is used so frequently to stage attacks for a very simple reason: email communication is the most frequently used gate in and out of the company servers.

Protect your company with Mail Protection

Mail protection gives you and your employees the ability to work securely, without feeling threatened by hackers. With mail protection your employees will no longer be tempted to click malicious links, they will be alerted to hostile emails pretending to be within the organization suite, and sensitive information would be prevented from leaking out through your mail. Mail protection gives you a few edges over hackers:

Filter incoming emails

A smart algorithm will scan every incoming mail for security threats, and prevent your employees from clicking malicious or suspicious links. Incoming filters provide an important layer of protection that will protect your company from malware, ransomware, viruses and other malevolent links.

Prevent sensitive information from going out

Mail protection will scan every outgoing mail for sensitive information such as I.D. numbers, credit card numbers, classified files, etc. if it detects any suspicious outgoing data it can employ a few methods: completely block outgoing mails, blur sensitive information, or alert an admin. 

Password-protected content

Need to send out sensitive information? Our mail protection service allows you to send out a password-protected email with two-factor authentication to prevent anyone other than the recipient from viewing the content.