Secure Internet Gateway

Today more than ever, companies must secure their internet connection and prevent any malicious entity from entering – and any important information from leaking – through the internet gateway.

Our secure internet gateway solutions provide you with a central gateway that controls data passage across remote locations and mobile users.

Our secure internet gateway allows you to use fast, reliable internet without compromising on security.

Detect threats as they materialize

Our secure internet gateway allows you to detect breaches and attacks as they are happening. The gateway uses advanced techniques such as employee behaviour analysis, AI learning, predictive file analysis and cloud sandboxing in addition to the standard scan to detect sophisticated malware programs, ransomware and data breaches – as they happen.

Identify all users

Keep tabs on who accessed what files, classify workers according to their jobs and prevent non-cleared employees from accessing sensitive files.

Filter information quickly and efficiently

If your company handles large amounts of data traffic, scanning each ingoing and outgoing file using the old security tools can take a toll on your internet speed. 

With our sophisticated & secure internet gateway we can filter through vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Without slowing down company processes.

Secure company issued mobile phones

Protect company issued phones from security breaches without infringing on employee privacy. Our secure internet gateway will not impact the phone’s performance and ensures policy compliance whenever the phone is used for business purposes.

Monitor your devices in real time

Get a full report on real time data usage, data-forensics, user activity, cyber threats and more. The secure internet gateway will provide you with comprehensive information that will allow you not only to protect your company but also to learn more about your employees working habits and data usage.