Network Security

Network security is, broadly speaking, a set of “rules” that protect the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of linked servers and computer networks. Those rules are run by code, not humans, and are implemented in all kinds of devices, technologies and computer protocols.

In order to protect your organization you must have a robust network security apparatus that covers every possible threat to your company.

How does network security work?

Network security is a complex, everchanging web of security technologies working in unison to achieve full protection of a network of computers. A network security apparatus can’t stay static: it must be continuously updated to account for new cyber threats and technologies.

Network security services detect vulnerabilities in devices, applications, users, locations and data storage facilities. Different tools in the network security apparatus are charged with protecting each of these vulnerabilities.

Different tools used in network security, include;

Physical Network Security

Many people think cyber attacks happen only from far away. But in truth, malware, trojan horses and viruses can enter systems through physical access to network components. Something as little as a USB can inject a highly dangerous virus or malware straight into your systems. 

Physical network security tools include fingerprint scanners, close circuit cameras, locks, buzzers and other security systems that protect the integrity of your hardware.

Administrative Network Security

Administrative access to sensitive data must be controlled and looked over by a smart system that can stop non-authorized personnel from entering systems, extracting data and allowing malicious content to enter secured systems. Moreover, administrative security systems use AI tools to detect irregularities in employee behaviour and detect possible breaches from within the organization.

Wireless Infrastructure

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Wired Infrastructure

Businesses require high-quality and high-performing circuit materials to power a range of IT applications such as computing and IP infrastructure. At SpotNet, we can handle all of your wired network needs while improving energy efficiency, lowering cooling demands, and saving you on monthly energy fees. We utilize state-of-the-art circuit materials and proven techniques to ensure your systems remain up and running so you can spend more time focusing on running your business.