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Managed IT services & support delegates a company’s IT operations to our expert hands, allowing us to handle all responsibilities related to IT.
Our cyber security division is tasked with protecting your servers from any malicious attack. We provide custom cyber-security services to ensure the safety of your data and maintain your servers, even when under attack.
The world is growing more interconnected every day. Faster internet, more wide-spread coverage and cheaper costs are making the telecom & multimedia needs of businesses to boom. 


All the services your business needs - in one place

Remote work is on the rise with many businesses giving their clients the option to work from home and others going completely digital.


Remote work brings with it some challenging security concerns including the storage of valuable company information on employee devices.
The transition from the physical to the digital world has posed an issue for many businesses that need to protect valuable information.


SpoNet Network  Operation Center (NOC) is responsible for monitoring 24/7 your business network & System activities


SpotNet Security Operations Center (SOC) offer cybersecurity experts and analysts who 24/7 will detect and response to advanced threats
Our News & Monitoring Services Division operates as a boutique news agency. It provides 24\7 media monitoring services on a myriad of platforms to government agencies, news companies, and other private corporations.